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REMIX ALBUM – Hexadiode: Controlled Burn

by François Zappa

After releasing an instrumental version of Metaxy, the electro-industrial duo from Dayton, Ohio Hexadiode has published a remix album where eight of the tracks from the original album are remixed, three of them twice. For the occasion, we can find 6th Circle, 11grams, Damn the Witch Siren, Freeze Etch, Nundale, Red Pyramid, Skeleton Hands, Slighter, Soft Riot and TL3SS bringing their vision to the tracks from Metaxy. This album has been recorded between summer and autumn of 2020 and it was released for Halloween. 

The album starts with a powerful remix done by the band of “Parasitic State”, a track also remixed by 6th Circle with great results. 11grams takes “Invariant” and makes it a great darkwave track. “Impulse” is a bit more danceable thanks to Damn the Witch Siren. The remixes of “Brain in 3” are quite different one from the other, and I find quite difficult to choose which one I like the most. One day I would choose the melody of Soft Riot’s remix, another maybe the harshness of Slighter’s one. Red Pyramid adds some drums to “Markov Chain” while Nundale deconstructs the track and the same time that keeps the industrial vibe. Instead, Freeze Etch are more respectful with “Extreme Unction”. And last one, there is a quite original remix of “Distraction” by TL3SS.

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