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RECORD – New Neon: New Neon

by François Zappa

New Neon are Jade Vanity and Roger Wilson (DJ Freakq, who started spinning records in 1985 and has won some Best DJ Awards), a duo from Austin, creator of some catchy electro tracks. They started playing together in 2009 and released their first album titles Tilt The Robotz! in 2012. Since then, they have continued recording albums and EPs and now, they have been joined by Skyler D. White aka Scyia, a third non-official member who is working as co-producer. The album we want to talk about today, titled New Neon, is still a work in progress, but it’s possible to listen to five of the tracks that will be included. Plus, if you want to support New Neon and help them finish it, you can subscribe for only 5 dollars per month and receive all the new music they create and 14 albums from their catalogue. To subscribe, buy or to listen to their music, you only have to visit their Bandcamp page.

But let’s talk about the five tracks recorded by these auto-proclaimed drama lovers that we can already listen to: in “On the Edge Again” they prove that it’s possible to sound distant and sensual at the same time, something only possible in the electro genre. “Her Eyes” reminds us of the rhythms that Giorgio Moroder used to write for Donna Summer, but with a modern vibe. The following track “A Cocktail of Controversy” has a great chorus and it could have been a club banger in the electroclash period. “Devotion” is their newest song, just released yesterday, and again, it’s perfect dance floor material. And the last one, “New Pulse”, it´s  a track full of erotism. Our favourite songs are the second and the third, although we have enjoyed the other three too. We will keep you updated with the new tracks of the album.

New Neon are also working on an album started in February 2019 titled MAXIMUS and, like this homonymous album, they are releasing the tracks on Bandcamp and they record them. To continue with the trio thing, they are also doing a new remix album, titled Remix City that is also going to be the third remix album of the band after RMX from 2012 and RMX2 from 2018.

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