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Paris Alexander Featuring Eirene – Renaissance

by François Zappa

Paris Alexander’s name should be familiar to our readers as he is one of the voices of the first three albums of Norwegian coldwave project Antipole, where he also co-produces and compose the songs. Karl was working on the tracks from his native Trondheim, and Paris Alexander was doing his parts together with Eirene in the British city of Brighton, where I also lived for two years and a half. Eirene is here taking the same role as Paris Alexander had in Antipole, collaborating in composition and production duties apart from doing chorus and singing. After a few singles, the couple has released this ten-track album. I guess they must be happy with the result, as a new single has been recently released. 

In Renaissance, Paris Alexander and Eirene show us that they really know how to commence an album. The powerful title song, one of the best compositions of the record, gives Paris the chance to prove his capacities as a singer. The track starts with a drum machine but soon we can hear the ghostly chorus of Eirene. Paris Alexander starts singing with a solemn and deep voice during the verses, but demonstrate all his passion in the chorus. A really good song. The album continues with “Son Chemin” with its 80s feel and more danceable rhythm. Sometimes, and special in this song, Paris reminds me of the Bryan Ferry of Bête Noire. In “Lost in the city”, he tries his gravest voice, in a track full of sharp guitars and darkness. The album continues with “The Void”, where we have Karl from Antipole adding some guitars, although I also really like the synths that can be heard especially in the intro. “Devour” presents a mysterious atmosphere where we could get lost if it wasn’t for the catchy chorus that guide us to the light. “Siren” is again mysterious but also loaded with a lot of sensuality. In “Floating Cities”, we have the combined vocals of the couple and UIU who also adds synths to this dream track. In “Sound of Vision”, it’s instead Bowie who comes to my mind when I listen to Paris Alexander. The track could resume all the qualities of the album: good singing, great guitars and fantastic beats. In “Desire”, a more post-punk track is Eirene the one who takes the lead, singing with a sensual and whispering voice. Overall, Renaisssance is an album that will completely please fans of the genre thanks to its really good compositions and the diversity of vibes.

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