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[p.u.t] – We are (br)others

by François Zappa

As they proudly state in the title of their new album, [p.u.t] are three brothers, scattered between Brussels and Paris, who have recorded six LPs since 1998, We are (br)others being the last one released one year ago. As influences, they cite Godflesh, Scorn and Unsane so it’s easy to get an idea of what we are going to listen to: a varied mix of industrial metal seasoned with a bit of sludge. This album, the previous ones and the large number of EPs that the band has recorded, can be bought and heard here. We would like to add that their last release is really interesting: one of the members of the band has remixed one street rapper, and the result is called Vs Infidelix.

We are (br)others starts with “In Control”: the beginning of this first track is pure industrial, very heavy and oppressive, really suffocating with a second part that keeps the intensity, dominated by an insistent guitar riff. Some squealing sounds welcome us in “Nothing”, our favourite track thanks to the equilibrium achieved between sludge rock and electronics. The energy and fastness of punk propel “In Conflict”, song with samples of an argument that manages to add even more aggressiveness. “Down” is heavier and slow, close to doom and reminds us a bit of “21st Century Schizoid Man”, but maybe only because of the long shadow of King Crimson. The album follows in a totally different direction with “Oppressed” that, by the way, is the less oppressive song of the album, a track almost danceable with robotic voice but with the heavy guitars that are characteristic of the album.

“Here” is a more ambient interlude, with a sampler in French, that could make you think that you are inside a submarine. Classily sludge is “Angry” with another powerful riff. “Possessed” is a long and heavy track with dark atmosphere and industrial sound. In “Not your Dog” the band sounds stoner rock with a very psychedelic guitar. The album concludes with another heavy track, “Pain” in which after an interlude the band plays as hard as possible trying to leave their heavy riffs marked in your brain.

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