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O.C.D. – Lockdown EP

by François Zappa

O.C.D. (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), is a musical and visual Belgian project that published a first EP in June last year. Now, they bring us a new work with the name of Lockdown Tape. The EP, released just two days ago, can be heard for free here or downloaded paying as much as you want. Described as a minimal wave and electro band with lyrics about mental health conditions, the music of O.C.D. manages to transmit the coldness that their lyrics require. Behind this project, we can find Holly Nab, formerly in The Hermetic Electric.

Their first EP, whose CD version sold out, contains four unsettling songs, of which, “I Don’t Feel at Home in This World” stands out, although we must confess that we prefer the new EP recorded by the duo during these days of lockdown. They have managed to create the perfect soundtrack for the future that is awaiting us: cold times with social distancing and relations thru latex gloves and face masks. 

Lockdown Tape starts with “You,” where we can already find the patterns of what’s coming afterwards: well-understood simplicity, coldness, a passionate but distant voice and, in this track, surrounding synths that want to play forever. The album continues with “Walk,” an instrumental that could have been created by robots. “Dark Dance,” starts with whispers but manages to keep the darkness and coldness. In “Riven” the voice sometimes reminds me of Peter Murphy, although the singer of Bauhaus has never sounded so icy. The EP comes to an end with another instrumental, “Out” where O.C.D. manages to make acid using the minimum, but completely keeping the hypnotic vibe of the style.

Nothing better than this EP to fight the heat that is coming and to keep our houses under a low temperature. We must remember that cold is useful for a lot of things, not only to keep the food fresh.

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