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O.C.D. – Intrusives Thoughts

by François Zappa

During lockdown, we wrote a review of O.C.D.’s previous EP, adequately entitled Lockdown. In that work, the Belgian project managed to expose our feelings during those days when we were trapped in our houses. Now, without the anguish of those days, Holly Naboo, who also was a member of The Hermetic Electric, brings us this six-track EP entitled Intrusives Thoughts, which is a bit more colorful than the previous one. This is the third EP from O.C.D., now Holly’s solo electronic project, after the debut from 2019 and the before-mentioned Lockdown. The EP can be bought and heard on the artist’s Bandcamp. 

Let’s talk now of the tracks: in “New Deal World”, we can find a sample of a speech, that goes through all the song. It starts with an hypnotic rhythm that, instead of breaking, keeps the tension. ” Lost and echo” has quite a modern sound, some voices with echoes and an emotive ending. In “CCL”, there is another vocal sample, this time belonging to Chaplin’s final speech in The Great Dictator. The music is quite minimal in this case, to keep the focus on the speech. “Don’t Move” is a dark track, with a heavy rhythm that will probably delight our readers. And the EP comes to an end with an outtake, “Dance with me”, the longest track of the included here and, for me, the most accomplished. It’s quite a catchy composition with robotic voices that give an electro vibe. A great track that can be a hint of where the sound of O.C.D. is going or maybe of just what could have been.

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