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NNHMN – Shadow in the Dark

by Fer (Other Voices)

The first time I listened to NNHMN because of my weekly podcast, I thought I had made a mistake and put a playlist of italodance and the track that sounded was “Hypnotic Tango” from My Mine instead of “Shadow In The Dark”. All joking aside, this Berlin-based duo captivated me from the very first moment because the musical style, the rhythm and the synths are, without a doubt, my favourites, all very eighties thanks to thw work of Michal Laudarg.

If you share my taste, you will love this EP, because for better or for worse, it is quite linear: dark electronic rhythmic base with few shifts, pads here and there, and Lee’s melodic and tenuous voice. As I said before, if you like this formula you will love it.

“Der Unweise” is probably the darkest track of an already fairly dark EP, with some arrangements that remind us of typical horror movie soundtracks. There is little more to say. If I had to recommend one track,  it would be “Shadow in The Dark”. Overall, it is very well elaborated and in fact, it completely defines the rest of the EP.

They are coming to Spain in May with stops in Madrid and Barcelona, a perfect opportunity to see them live. In the meantime, we will continue to listen to their music in the shadows of darkness.

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