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NEWS – Sea Lungs – Truffle Pig

by François Zappa

A bunch of kids who look like they’ve just finished working in a mine serve as the cover for the latest single from Australian band Sea Lungs. The deathrock/gothic rock act consisting of Andi Lennon on vocals and lyrics and Jarrad Robertson doing the rest, continue their journey to the long play with this new track that has been reviewed by some of the best magazines in the scene. So far, it’s their catchiest track with a great chorus to sing along and contains lyrics that are well worth your time.

Andi’s lyrics for “Truffle Pig”, as I say, are quite interesting, not only for their combative content but also for their poetic quality. As a novice translator myself, I admit that I would have a hard time with such a complex text. For his part, Jarrad continues to deliver sharp guitar licks that will appeal to our rocker readers. Also noteworthy is the curious contrast between the theatricality of the verses and the greater harshness of the chorus, like a truth that hits you, in the words of the composers. The song, which speaks of child labour in the era of the industrial revolution but also of the loss of workers’ rights in modern times, reveals a new facet of Sea Lungs.

So far, my favourite track from the band along with second single “Piss Up A Rope”. It’s going to be a great album, no doubt about it.

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