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New album by Rohn – Lederman, entitled Black and Bleu

by François Zappa

The duo formed by Emileigh Rohn (Chiasm) and Jean-Marc Lederman is back with a new double album entitled Black And Bleu that has been released by the label Les disques de la pantoufle. You can listen and buy it digitally here, but there is also a limited edition of 100 cds with a 44-page booklet.

Each CD of Black And Bleu represents a color and a thematic focus. Thus the black cd dedicates its ten tracks to chaos and tension in the world while the blue one represents a calmer resolution in the face of uncertainty. Both share creativity and a devotion to emotional content so expect tracks sung with passion and emotion and rich in arrangements. The prolific artistic duo released in 2021 their first album Venus Chariot, which was followed by Rage! and Apollo Chariot, both from 2022, all of them reviewed and recommended by El Garaje back in the day.

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