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London Plane – Bright Black

by Rémi

A band with a novel-like genesis, London Plane offers us in this beautiful summer 2022 a new album: Bright Black A real treat for the ears. The second album of these New York artists, Bright Black, makes us discover their musical universe where darkwave, pop, post-punk and rock mix together. Released on June 17, 2022, it is available in digital format.

London Plane ’s mastery is apparent from the very first seconds of “Bright Black,” the most popular track along with “Francesco.” The smooth mix perfectly highlights the complex arrangements of the songs as well as each instrumental and vocal part. The eternal bass/drums duo is incisive, the guitars incredibly melodic and atmospheric and the vocal lines include the most beautiful themes.

Bright Black is rich with a vast palette of sounds and moods that makes each track unique. If the aesthetics of “Bright Black” remains rather classic, the great majority of the tracks conceal some interesting particularities. “Watch That Madman Go” is energetic with its riffs sailing from one instrument to another. The harmony of “Homocosmicus” is more colorful while “Francesco” distinguishes itself with its more oriental nuances. “The Wish” brings a little bit of calm to temper the fever that has gradually settled since the first notes of the album. “Electric Clock” has a bluesy rock’n’roll feeling. Finally, “Gold Soul” is by far the most danceable track on the album. We can also note some sounds that also bring variety and originality. In “Come Out Of The Dark,” the reverberated and highly pitted notes of one of the melodic lines sound like drops of water. “Watch That Madman Go” also stands out with a few notes that sound very similar to a marimba.

With its eleven tracks of a total of 45 min, Bright Black is a great album from London Plane. Take a moment, listen to it while sipping a cold drink or dance to it. With such warm and long days, it’s the perfect time, isn’t it?

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