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Konerytmi – Voimalaitos EP

by Violeta

The new release from Madrid-based label Industrias Mekanikas is an EP by electro producer Konerytmi. In this Voimalaitos EP we find six original tracks by the Russian artist founder of the labels Datarocket Records, Lasergum Records and Intraflex Records. On these labels but under his real name Kirill Junolainen, he has released several albums while as Konerytmi he has released works on Detriti and Eudemonia. His new EP, Voimalaitos, is available in an edition of 300 black vinyls with a very striking cover. We already have our copy.

After the success of Dark Vektor‘s previous Rompe las Cadenas, it’s no surprise that Ruben Montesco‘s label, who also handles the mastering, is back with some electro music with a touch of darkness. Throughout the EP, but mainly on the B-side, we find both melodies and atmospheres quite enigmatic, this being one of the distinctive features. They are tracks that work perfectly on the dancefloor, but that you can also listen to on the sofa at home, appreciating better the details. The EP starts with “Tietokonegrafiikka”, with playful synths and a more IDM sound. The next track, “Uutiset” is harder and more frenetic, with a very marked rhythm, while “Matriisi” is more ambient, with a nice melody, aggressive sounds and that already prepares us for what is coming on the B-side.

The flip side presents us with three tracks full of mystery that I think our readers will like the most. It starts with the powerful “Voimalaitos” with its killer synths. “Kvantti” is a cold and mysterious track and at the end, we can find “Musta Peili”, a track that sounds like the music that aliens listen to in their horror movies. Another great release from the Madrid-based label that we hope you like as much as we do.

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