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JHNN – StereoTYP

by Rémi

After several EPs, JHNN has released StereoTYP, their first album. Producer, DJ and multi-instrumentalist, the Canadian artist offers us a rich musical universe with carefully crafted atmospheres in which he asserts his identity. Released on December 29, 2020, his album is available in digital format.

Composed between 2016 and 2020, StereoTYP is an album with a relatively dark aesthetic in which JHNN speaks about societal issues close to his heart through eleven tracks. Fans of Nine Inch Nails, Boy Harsher and Daniel Avery will love his work for sure.

The different tunes of StereoTYP all follow more or less the same progressive construction scheme, where he adds or removes melodic and rhythmic loops. If the process can sometimes be redundant, the variety of sounds and the intelligence of the musical writing break this monotony before it sets in. Also very interesting, the singing gives an impression of distance and immateriality. Musically, thanks to the effects, but also spiritually, as if the soul of the artist, or even of the listener, was detached from the universe of StereoTYP. An evanescent impression of the Beyond.

Each track has its own identity, but one of them, “Heroin,” particularly drew my attention. Being the longest of the album (over 7 minutes), it has more time to take the listener further into a trance-like atmosphere. Its repetitive character is not unknown to this sensation and I particularly appreciate the rhythmic shifts generated by a sound whose texture is similar to a rain of synthetic water drops.

StereoTYP is undoubtedly a quality album that we recommend you to listen to, in order to immerse yourself in the musical universe of JHNN.

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