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Gitane DeMone – Autumn Tour 2011

by François Zappa

A few months ago, thanks to Vuz Records’ own label, we got an album that we would like to recommend to you. In 2011, Gitane DeMone sold a compilation of previously unreleased demos of nine of her tracks during her European tour. The compilation soon became a collector’s item among the singer’s many fans and due to public demand our friends at the German label Vuz Records have put a limited number on sale.

Some of the tracks found here, such as “Dream Child” and “Undressed for Love”, would later become part of The Reflecting Shadow, the album she released two years later. The rest of the tracks belong to other albums by the legendary singer: “Sound of War” and “Somewhere” appeared on Facets of Blue and “Lose this gravity” and “Despairiosity” come from Am I Wrong? from ’98. We can also find a demo of “Flowers”, a song that Rozz Williams wrote for the Dream Home Heartache LP that they recorded together in ’95.

The most striking thing about these demos is how well Gitane Demone sings, a truly spectacular voice and one of the best of the scene. The demos sound great and the compilation serves as a perfect introduction to the solo career of the former member of Christian Death. The album shows all Gitane’s facets, from the dark jazz of “Somewhere” where she sounds like a Goth Billie Holiday to the heartbreaking “Sound of War”, the beautiful “Undressed for Love”, or the dark “Dream Child”, a terrifying lullaby that we wouldn’t hesitate to play to our newborn child.


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