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FESTIVAL – Timetables of XV Prague Gothic Treffen

by François Zappa

Only nine days left before the beginning of the XV Prague Gothic Treffen and we really think that it’s going to happen: the timetables have already been released and Czechia so far has not been excecilly attacked by Coranavirus, so we already see ourselves in the festival. If the situation doesn’t get worse, and the frontiers are not closed, we will be there enjoying the festival and writing everything that you need to know about it.

The organization is advising that it’s better to buy the tickets now because due to coronavirus only 500 people will be able to assist and more than half of the capacity has already been sold.

The line-up includes Clan of Xymox, Frank The Baptist, Tyske Ludder, Isolated Youth, Hørd, Tear, Nemeur y Love My Science. On Friday, the festival will take place in two places Prostor Země y Underdogs’, meanwhile on Saturday we will have to go to the Furutum Music Bar.

Between concerts and also at the end of the night, we are having some DJs, like DJ De’Ath from England, DJ Cyberpagan from Germany, DJ Terrorissmo and the guys from that will be playing some of our favorite music. Also, on Saturday there is a peculiar Gothic Picnic.

Sadly, it looks like this is going to be the only festival of the year, so how about joining us in Prague, going for a walk in the beautiful center of the city, drinking some beers and mainly going to a few concerts as we don’t really know when we are going to be able to do it again?

-=== F R I D A Y ===-

🦇 WAVE STAGE – (Prostor Země, Nádražní 76)

20:00 club opens, DJ Aleister Dantes (warmup electro set)
21:30 =LOVE MY SCIENCE (new wave/electropunk from Bratislava, SK)
22:10 DJ, DJ Aleister Dantes (synthwave set)
23:00 =HØRD (darkwave/synthwave magician from Bordeaux, FR)
00:00-??:?? DJ Terrorissmo (EBM/harsh electro/aggrotech, A)

🦇 GUITAR STAGE- (Underdogs’, Nádražní 5)

20:00 club opens
21:00 =TEAR (comeback of the Prague electro/rock machine, CZ)
21:45 DJ Favourite Slave (postpunk, goth, darkwave)
22:30 =ISOLATED YOUTH (the hottest postpunk/indie blood, SE)
23:30 DJ Cyberpagan (postpunk, deathrock, goth, DE)
00:00 =FRANK THE BAPTIST (gothic rock/postpunk legend, US/DE)
01:30 DJ Cyberpagan/DJ Favourite Slave guitar dance till the end

-=== S A T U R D A Y ===-

16:00 Gothic Picnic at Zahrada Kinských

🦇 ELECTRO STAGE – (Futurum Music Bar, Zborovská 7, big stage)

20:00 club opens
21:00 =NEMUER (pagan folk, CZ)
22:15 =TYSKE LUDDER (the EBM/electro storm will strike Prague for the first time!, DE)
00:00 =CLAN OF XYMOX (darkwave legend, NL/DE)
01:30-??:?? DJs (the “last men standing” set)

🦇 GUITAR STAGE – (Futurum Music Bar, small stage)

20:00 club opens
20:30 DJ BeoWulf (dark wave, goth)
22:00 DJ De’Ath (a DJ goth veteran, UK)
01:00-??:?? DJs (the “the most sober one plays” set)

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