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FESTIVAL – Liège New Wave Festival

by François Zappa

We, at the Garaje, still want to go to a festival after having to cancel our visit to the Prague Gothic Treffen only a couple of days before. Our new objective is the Liège New Wave Festival, an event we wanted to attend last year, but as we already told you, but we missed our flight. This year, we are going to be extra careful and hopefully, we will be able to bring all of you a nice chronicle of the festival that is going to take place on the 19th of September. The final line-up includes Dear Deer, Star+Industry, Larva, Lizard Smile y Deleritas. They are only 45 tickets left of the 100 that have been released.

And now a few words about the bands: Dear Deer is a French post-punk duo who managed to entertain us during lockdown with their concerts in their bathroom, their kitchen and their living room. With the material of these four live sets, they have released their new album We can play in a living room. After seeing what they can achieve in a small toilet, we are dying to see them on stage. 

We are really craving to see Larva, as their live sets are known to be great. They have also recorded some concerts at home during the quarantine and, honestly, there are not many bands with such energy and presence as the duo who kindly answered one of our interviews a few months ago. Star+Industry is a classic Belgian Goth rock band that started in 1996. They have recorded four albums and the first one, Iron Dust Crush from 1997 has just been reissued. Lizard Smile, a trio that commenced their career in 1995 with a first album, titled Press My Button (2000) is another Belgian Goth rock band. Just two years ago, they released a new album on the prestigious label Wool-E Discs, Wandering In Mirrors. And last but not least, the dark electro of the local Deleritas will be the perfect soundtrack for the first hours of the festival.

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