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EPs – Vazum, Lament Cityscape, ĀAAA, Hidden House

by François Zappa

We want to say goodbye to this 2020 with another list of four EPs, all of them really dark and perfect listenings for Christmas dinners. 

Vazum: Vazumnacht

The deathgaze duo from Detroit, Vazum has recorded a new EP with Christmas Carols turned into deathrock songs with a Siouxisie touch. This year they have released also an album, entitled Rated V and based thematically on Halloween, so it won’t be weird if they have new material for Eastern. For collectors, singer and bassist Emily Sturm is also selling some unique merch designed by her. Who said that we, at the Garaje, don’t have Christmas Spirit?

Lament Cityscape: The Old Wet

The industrial music collective Lament Cityscape has just released the last chapter of their conceptual trilogy of EPs about inner change. The sludge roots of the band can be easily traced in the songs of this band formed in Wyoming, in 2013. If you like post-metal, dark ambient, or any other heavy genre, this can be your next favourite band.


ĀraṇyakAƔnoiantAḥkaraṇA are not here to make things easy, even their name it’s really difficult to write or pronounce. ĀAAA is a project that navigates between art, esotericism, music and mythology. With influences from ritual music, industrial and oriental sounds, in this very long EP we can find three tracks, mainly improvised and with duration from one minute and a half to almost 23. Only 22 copies in vinyl have been released of this original album, so run for yours.

Hidden HouseDiamonds

Although I left Italy more than one year ago, I still miss Milan. That’s why I am happy of writing a few lines about a band from there. This is the second EP from the darkwave band Hidden House that with four songs will leave you with your mouth open as the statue of the cover. I would like to point out the intensity of “Love Me to Death”.

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