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EPs – Nick Hudson, Ombra INTL 017, KLOAHK, 5 R V L N 5

by François Zappa

Today we want to bring you some EPs, all of them from artists that appear for the first time at El Garaje. And also, we are including the new Ombra Inernational compilation. We start with something quiet and finish with post-industrial, as it’s already a tradition.

From Brighton comes Nick Hudson with a three-track EP. Piano and strings underline the sadness of “Voyeurs Who Offer Nothing” while “Come Back When There’s Nothing Left” is more experimental and has Toby Drive singing. On the B-side, there is a beautiful piano cover of Oingo Boingo’s “Not My Slave.” Perfect music for those melancholic moments that we usually have.

The new compilation from Ombra International is full of great tracks. From Germany, Jorkes & Nikkname bring us some dystopian electro, while the cheeky “Trash” by Ducati Flux comes from Chile. There is a bit of acid from English act Birds but also darkwave from Argentinian project Skelesys. We have danced so many times with the music of Álvaro Cabana in a lot of clubs in Madrid, but he manages to surprise us with the track included here. At the end of the compilation, Belgian project NAUFRAGI takes us in a very cosmic journey. Amazing.

In the second EP of Parisian musician KLOAHK we can find industrial rhythms, sharp guitars and catchy choruses. VERSO 2 contains five tracks of a really melancholic industrial rock. To follow.

And last but not least, 5 R V L N 5 is a post-industrial project from Illinois that is, without any doubt, one of the hardest music we have reviewed here. In this maxi single, entitled World of Filfth, apart from the original track there are two remixes done by Justin K. Broadrick (Godflesh, Jesu, Napalm Death) and Sanford Parker (Corrections House, EyeHateGod, Statiq Bloom). Brutal.

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