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EP – Seven Federations: Holy Orders

by François Zappa

Seven Federations is Todd C. Ruzicka’s “American Gnostic Industrial” project that debuted in 2019 with The Arrival, an album that we reviewed a few months ago. During 2020, he has been releasing some singles and finally, at the end of the year, Holy Order was published. In the album, we can find five songs, one of them already published before as a single. The EP was mastered by legendary industrial engineer Jules Siefert.

“Chaosstar” really surprised us when we reviewed it thanks to its raw guitars, a very ludic vibe and a melodic sense that reminded me of And One. “Holy Orders” keeps the same intensity: it’s a track where the voice seems to get mixed with some military samples and the guitars have a very important part finishing in the great final solo. With martial rhythm and some feminine choruses, in “Fairuza” we got the impression of doing a military march. The electronic side of the songs is the most interesting of the EP.

In “Silencio” (silence in Spanish), we find a very cinematography and jazzy piece, like the calm before the storm and a prove of Todd C. Ruzicka’s capacity to create tracks full of beauty. We are back to frantic rhythms, with the industrial sounds of “Empire”, with a great work of the drums and a sound that could be compared to Ministry’s.

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