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EP – Metaphysical Machinery: We are not alone

by François Zappa

Last week, the postman brought me two splendid surprises: the first one of them, this EP entitled We are not alone by Metaphysical Machinery. Next week, I will write something about the second one. Metaphysical Machinery is the solo project of Dominique Nuydt, also member of Amazing Games, Unsaid and Factheory bands that have been featured this year in the Garaje. Thanks to the first lockdown, Dominique had the opportunity to develop the electronic side of his musical universe. We Are Not Alone was published in April of this year in a digital edition with 18 tracks. The full album can be found on Bandcamp, and now a CD EP with four of the best songs has been released. Everything has been recorded and mixed by Dominique.

We are not alone could perfectly be divided into two sides, A-side more spacial and B-side more sensual. As I wrote when I reviewed the album: the EP starts with the disturbing “We Are Not Alone”, a track that manages to transmit through notes that human feeling of terror for the unknown, the fear of not being alone in the universe. To achieve this, Metaphysical Machinery uses the sounds of the rings of Saturn recorded by the Cassini space-research mission and also the extraterrial signs recorded by SETI in 1977 (the famous Wow! signal). We continue in the space with “Pulsar Beat”, where Dominique, helped by the sounds of pulsars, builds a very mysterious track with a touch of euphoria. One of the best songs of the EP.

The sensual side starts with “KarmaSutra’t hat, like the book to which it refers, shares the oriental influences and reminds us of the YMO with a more minimal approach. We continue in “only for adults” territory with “Fantasized Orgasm” that has a part that sounds a bit like the Berlin School, and another with more hip hop beats, both of them with some erotic moans that will move not only your feet.

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