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EP – Antipole: Marble

by François Zappa

Today, we continue exploring Norwegian music with Antipole, Karl Morten Dahl’s post-punk project together with Paris Alexander and Eirene, who have just released a new EP. Marble was created between Norway and the British town of Brighton and comes with three songs and a remix by Belarusian band Molchat Doma. 

Antipole, with “Marble” brings us one of his best songs so far, a fantastic work with a really dreamy sound of guitars and the beautiful voice of Paris Alexander who is doing a great performance. The remix done by Molchat Doma (post-punk three-piece quite famous now in Spain) really surprises us with their nineties club sound. If the music of Antipole is full of nostalgia, this remix has, in an involuntary way, made me remember my first parties

Together with these two tracks, we have two new versions of songs coming from Antipole’s first EP, Getting Frequent Now (where we could find Mats Davidson singing, also from Trondheim and whose Painted Romans new single was discussed yesterday) and also appeared as digital singles. “Narcissus” appears here in a shorter version while “Someday 45” goes up to eight minutes. In both the improvement in the sound is remarkable. 

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