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El Garaje de Frank presents: Melancholia

by Violeta

Melancholia collective was born from the union between the experience and knowledge of dj and producer Buendía and the energy and freshness of revelation Dead Violets Night. Together they propose a new musical alternative based on the best acid, EBM, electro, techno and industrial. The collective, which opens its doors to kindred spirits, promises to make us dance until dawn.


Robert Hood – Rotate
Christian Wünsch – Contamination
Surgeon – Bad Hands
Robert Hood – Reflector
Surgeon – Untitled
Flooplan – Altered Ego
Regis/Female – Nothing And No One
Codex Empire – Pentaduct
Regis/Female – Meat
Thomas P. Heckman – Nail Your Head
Planetary Assault System – No Exit
Óscar Mulero – You and Your Sister
Jeff Mills – i9
Planetary Assault System – Desert Race
Jeff Mills – 4 Art
Planetary Assault System – Random Kingdom
Jeff Mils – Java
Ergot – Ergot 3
Eslebaan – Stereo
Surgeon – Body Request
Regis/Female – Guiltness
Elias The Prophet – Atiras
Makornik – Funky Transfusion
Elias The Prophet – Atiras (Exium Remix)
Regis/Female – Join Us in Paradise
Albert Salvatierra – Ballerina (Spinning Tool Version)
Regis/Female – Theme From Streetwalker
Yan Cook – Blades EP
Nørbak – There are Only Victims Left
Hector Mad – Old Lady
Nørbak – His Faith Will Be Our Defeat
Óscar Mulero – Saturn
Kastil – Disfigured Decay
Zadig – Circular Causality

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