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El Garaje de Frank presents: Luis de Lema

by Violeta

Luis de Lema started buying music in the ’90s: industrial techno, new wave, synth pop, techno, electro. He started to play at raves and clubs in the mountains of Madrid, as well as in Specka and Van Vas clubs, among others. His main purpose is to support the local record stores and clubs. Today he is involved together with a group of friends in organizing their own parties known as “Reverse genetics” and in supporting the local and national electro scene.


01 Sed Blava – Teoría del Cielo (Waste Editions)

02 Uhf – Inner Fight (Gladio Operations)

03 Volta Cab – Immortal Fix (Hesperius Draco rmx) (Frigio Records)

04 Soj – Cycle (Fill-Lex Records vol 2)

05 Exhausted Modern – Very fake news (Rotterdam Electronix)

06 Trenton Chase – Hypoxia (June Records 12)

07 Frak – Span Clarity (Femur Records 01)

08 Xaf – El Presidente (Dyfr Records)

09 Astrobee – Kudiani (Electro Records 08)

10 Wldv – Who are you (Fill-Lex Records 02)

11 Obergman – Servilius Casca (Furthur Electronix )

12 Retrograde Youth – MMF (Fill-Lex Records v.a 2)

13 Random XS – Give your body (Delta Funktionen rmx) Delsin  Records

14 Asymetric80 – Dark Lights (Aspecto hHumano)

15 Maelstrom – Three Channels (Mechatronica)

16 Wolfsheim – The Sparrows and the Nightingales (Ancient Methods ode to the night rmx)

17 Pornotanz – CySex (New Zone 1991)

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