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El Garaje de Frank presents: J-RHYTHM

by François Zappa

J-Rhythm’s first steps with the turntables were in 2000, influenced by the most important artists of the time, such as Varela, Mulero, Ben Sims, Oliver Ho and Dylan Drazen. From them, he learned by watching them playing at their DJ booths. Now, he has more than 15 years of experience in the electronic music scene, and the classic labels that he has played more are Tsunami, Warm up, Hardgroove, Meta, R&S and Blueprint, among others. He has also supported some modern labels and friends, such as BSC Records, Hardtools, Ottar, Inducted waves, Mord or Genesa in the most industrial side.

Linked to the underground scene of the south of Madrid, he has participated in a big number of events of the city, with artists from different backgrounds: Techno, Hard Techno and other more experimental styles. It was quite usual to find him in different parties, clubs, social events and to see him collaborating with radio programs from his area, where in the past he also played styles such as Deep Techno or Deep House.

Since 2006 till now, he has focused on the study of percussion, music theory, technician and production, going to a lot of different courses organized by art and culture organizations from. He has been using this new knowledge in works still not released, although they can be appreciated in his mixes as DJ.

Since 2010, he has been investigating more automatized methods of reproduction, like controllers, and digital mix systems. He has also started to organize his own parties such as “ANALOG” or  S.A.P Techno club, and some other related projects of short life.

Recently, he has added a third turntable to his set-up to combine digital and analogue, although his favorite format is vinyl.

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