Inicio » Mixes » El Garaje de Frank presents: Iván de la Rouch (Logical Records)

El Garaje de Frank presents: Iván de la Rouch (Logical Records)

by Violeta

Founder of Logical Records, half of LosBikini, and promoter of parties such as Throwback, Iván de la Rouch has been based in the Spanish capital for more than a decade. He has taken his DJ bag to a good number of clubs in Madrid and all over Europe. In the field of production, he has been seen on a few labels, with EPS and remixes that have had the blessing of Andrew Wheaterhall himself. In this new phase of his label, he is teaming up with Mike Sacchetti for a vinyl offensive that has brought freshness and forcefulness to Logical. This year we will be able to hear him on labels such as Playpal music, Espacio cielo, Latido and the French label Esthetique among others.

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