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El Garaje de Frank presents: Israel Padilla

by Violeta

Israel Padilla has been in the music business for nearly 30 years, and has gone through all styles, always keeping the best of each one. Currently, in his sessions you can listen to everything from the purest EBM to the most current dark disco.

His sessions are an innovative musical experience, always at the forefront of the most elegant and underground sounds. He always tries to keep his sessions 100% vinyl, although as he says there are some very interesting productions that are only released on digital and deserve to be played. He has been collecting EBM, post-punk and new beat records and rarities since the 90s.

Currently his work is focused on production, which is what he likes the most, and on running his own record label. He has just released Los intrusos, an EP full of dark disco sounds with industrial influences, with a remix by the great Curses. On the 12 of December, he will release Apertura Industrial, a new EP, which will come with a remix by German artist Jennifer Touch. Among the upcoming releases on his label Banshees Records, we can find the following artists: Violet Poison, Celldöd, Balvanera, Futuristant or David Carretta.


Radicalg – A blood red sky and river
Bestial Mouths – Thousandneedles (STATIQBLOOM REMIX)
Radicalg – The deserted Kingdom
Beta Evers – Only for my satisfaction (Bodyvolt mix)
The NE 21 – The Liar
Svengalisghost – Kiss the blade
Radicalg – chaos and silence
Black Propaganda – Shared delusion
Rambal Cochet – Doomsday scenario interface
Kill Shelter & Antilope – An honoris tribute to the Sister of Mercy-NINE WHILE NINE
Abraxas – Embrace Capitalism (Univac FDisko Remix)
Blitzkrieg – World on fire
Years of Denials – Done and Dusted
Black Light Odyssey – The Beat
Bestial Mouths – Lain to rust (BUZZ KULL REMIX)
Radicalg – Passengers in the mist
Sed Blava – Secret Sunrise
Daniel Holt – Vaccuous Transient
Abraxas – Embrance Capitalism (Nightcrawler Remix)
Nghtly – Luminescenza
The NE 21 – High Rise
Blac Kolor – Corroded Minds (Synapscape Remix)
Common Poetry – Asphyxia
Alessandro Adriani – La Tentacion
Israel Padilla – Apertura Industrial

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