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El Garaje de Frank presents: DJ Sablo

by Violeta

DJ Sablo aka Pablo Antonio de Scals is a descendent from the Scaligeri’s bloodline, the fucking Lords of Verona (Italy) from 1260 till 1387. These years of prominence were strange. Fights started between the members of the Scaligeri and the situation escalate into murdering and even worse things. Paolo Alboino della Scala (Lord of Verona during 1359-1365) and probably a direct ascendent, died in strange circumstances after being imprisoned by a usurping familiar. At the end, all these fights in Verona ended up with the occupation by the people from Milan. And although some Scaligeri continued claiming their lordship, nobody took them seriously.

Meanwhile, they joined the Spanish Reconquista looking for new territories to govern, and that’s how the lineage started living in the kingdom of Valencia. After all these years of aristocratic traditions as endogamy, the decadence of the family continued until today when DJ Sablo claims for the glory that the Scaligeri once had.

Resident in Alicante, he is an only-vinyl DJ who plays with the dark characteristic style of the Scaligeri, mixing genres such as New Beat, EBM, Industrial, Synth, Post-Punk, Techno or Electro. He is also a promoter with M3TA CLVB together with his partner Soviet Gym, Czar of the synth proto-scene of Alicante. 

  1. Orlok 101 – The Count Dines Alone – Soil Records
  2. Alessandro Adriani – Nazìr Al-Samt – June Records
  3. Colours of Infinity – The Gate – Discos del Quebranto (Brokntoys)
  4. Olivia – Smoking Cage – Pinkman
  5. Juanpablo – Night Drive In Beijing – Sons of Traders
  6. Wosto – Battle Place – Teerpappe
  7. Lostsoundbytes – Forbidden Escape – Demord Enregistrements
  8. Black Seed – Irradiance – Pinkman
  9. Manie Sans Délire – MSD (Version Deux) – June Records
  10. PS (Parrish Smith) + ISF (Interstellar Funk) – High Gates – LIES Records
  11. Frak – Wind On To Wet – Discos del Quebranto (Brokntoys)
  12. CrusHerr – Slijptol – Murder Capital
  13. Security DJ – Domestic XS – Raw Culture
  14. Jack Pattern – Animal Transformation – Lustpoderosa
  15. Credit 00 – Data Control – Pinkman
  16. Dj Nephil – Esorcismo – Gravitational Waves
  17. IM Kellar – Kings Valley – Moustache Records
  18. Grey People – Bruxism – Frigio Records
  19. Celldöd – Svart Syra – Femur Records
  20. Savage Grounds – Música Máquina – Femur Records
  21. TX Connect – House Of Confusion (Speculator ‘Chung’ Edit) – LIES Records (LIES black label)
  22. Sauerstofff – Glas, Beton und Stahl – Teerpappe
  23. Life In Sodom – Stains (Alessandro Adriani Remix) – Mannequin Records
  24. Human Figures ‎- Footsteps – B.F.E Records/Frigio Records
  25. Profit Prison – 120 Days – Avant! Records

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