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El Garaje de Frank presents: Darkpol

by Violeta

Today we want to introduce you to David Polo the artist known as Darkpol. A Dj from Madrid who since 1993 hasn’t stopped buying and collecting music, especially vinyls, always attracted by different styles, and although he considers himself more a clubber than a Dj, he has already been mixing for 23 years. In his sets, we can find techno, industrial, EBM and electro and his aims is always the same: to make you dance. His DJ sessions are always powerful and strong, like this one that he has recorded exclusively for El Garaje de Frank. Enjoy!!!


  • Sophie du Palais – Disco nihilist
  • Santiago – Something Like The Streets
  • Fatal morgana – Glasnost (Terrorist mix)
  • Retrogade Youth – Complains
  • Fractions – MCDVIII
  • Front Line Assembly feat. Robert Görl – Eye on you (Terence Fixmer remix)
  • 5713 – Neppe CPU
  • Maelstrom & Louisahh – Ascender
  • Imperial black unit – Will, wish & lust
  • David Carretta – Erasing the future
  • RADIKAL KUSS feat. HIV+ – Mujer única
  • Koviazyn D – Rage
  • Schwefelgelb – Reflex (An-I remix)
  • Pasiphae – A certain stimulus
  • Unhuman – Shadow of the serpent
  • The loud age – Waiting for ayin
  • Ancient Methods vs Kareem – Zealots (Ancient Methods interpretation)
  • Ancient Methods feat. Trepaneringsritualen – Der Schmied
  • OTHR – Damage your pain
  • Leroy Se meurt – siddet
  • Carnera – Io so (Ancient Methods remix)

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