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El Garaje de Frank presents: -_Luis M Espinosa [Artificial Intelligence/ Zyrcadian Editions]

by Violeta

When we talk about Luis M. Espinosa, we talk about one of the main activists and protagonist of the musical scene in Madrid since the beginning of the nineties. He has been one of the most restless and active artists from the very beginning, never wanting to be pigeonholed or to put limitations to musical genres or styles. He has always understood music as a whole.

Obsessed with music and cinema since he was a child, lover of a lot of different genres and styles, he started cutting and pasting music with duel cassette desks, until he discovers the world of turntables when he was ten. He has been buying and collecting vinyls without stop since the early nineties and working in music-related projects and extending his impressive vinyl collection every day along these 44 years. He has been DJing since 93 and at the same time he has been organizing hundreds of sessions and events. 

From there on, he dedicates himself to the creation, managing and organization of events where eclecticism, and escape from trends and pigeonholing have been the house rules. He became one of the most influential references in the divulgation of different styles of black and electronic music in Madrid in the last decades. To name a few of his projects: Sound City, A.I. Series, K4PHREX, Oberheinm, Electro Frecuencies, Slow Motion, Round Nature & Zyrcadian Editions… at the same time, he develops the art of DJing in clubs such as Siroco, Café La Palma, Ballesta Club, Specka and a long list of venues all over the country.

In 2020, he launches his publishing platform, Artificial Intelligence, whose name is an homage to the legendary series by Warp. Its main goal would be to be an honest homage to the pioneers of the 90s, the artists and producers of the Bleep sound, the Braindance pioneers and the IDM of labels such as Warp Records, Rephlex, Planet Mu and Skam Records.

At the same time, he has been managing the platforms Round Nature and Zyrcadian Editions.

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