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El Garaje de Frank presents: 3kAL DRoID MoDuL3

by Violeta

3kAL DRoID MoDuL3 is, above all, a tireless collector of vinyl of many styles, such as Electro, Ambient, IDM, Experimental, House, industrial, New Beat.

At his beginning in 1998, his main influence was techno from Jeff Mills, all Detroit techno and the British sounds of the Birmingham School (Surgeon, Regis, Ruskin, etc.). In the meanwhile, his devotion to New Beat sounds, EBM and Industrial also increased, with bands like FRONT 242, SA 42, Nitzer Ebb. This is what led him to his passion for vinyl collection ever since then and to form an EBM music collective called AREA EBM.

After DJing at various venues in Madrid, he was given the opportunity to DJ in a mythical venue, SPECKA (2002). At that time, Rosy, the owner of the venue called him Dave, so he kept this name as his artist name. After that, he started DJing in various venues of the Spanish capital, such as Elanuet Bar, Groove, La Riviera, etc. He also performed in a venue on the outskirts of the city called EVENT together with artists such as Dj Muerto (Arcanoid) or Dj Pepo. He eventually ended up dissociating more from the night world, but continued to play for radio programs and podcasts, mainly of electro and experimental music.

Nowadays, he publishes his work under his new AKA, 3KAL DROID MODUL3, which is especially focused on the experimental and electro music.

3KAL DROID MODUL3 has collaborated with different platforms where he released streaming and podcasts, as well with national and international vinyl stores such as: Analysis Techno Movement (Greece), Lazer Fm Worldwide Radio (England). Captcha Radio, UEMA Colectivo, 12-Inch Archaic Podcast, ROOM-LTD/Live, Loft 301, Palma 39, Melting Pot Records, Dirty Sonora, etc.


01 Patrick Michaud – Lamentations intro (DELODIO)
02 Idee Du Femelle – Cántico (Domestica)
03 Joël Fajerman – La Aventura De Las Plantas (RCA Victor)
04 Unknown Artist – TOPP008 (Music For The Other People PLace)
05 CANCRI – E (ALIEN CONTAC Remix by WE ARE THE HUNTERS) Remix We Are The Hunters (Gradual Hate Records)
06 Erik Wøllo – Journey (Abstrakce Records)
07 Carl Matthews – Veering North (Abstrakce Records)
08 June – Behind The Walls (Mannequin)
09 Experimental Products – Oxide (Vinyl-on-demand)
10 Patrick Michaud – Crazy (DELODIO)
11 Joël Fajerman – La Aventura De Las Plantas (RCA Victor)
12 Sophie Du Palais – Smash The Mirror (B.F.E Records)
13 Idee Du Femelle – Cántico (Domestica)
14 S Transporter – S Transporter 4 (Portage Garage Sounds)
15 Deux – Golden Dreams (Minimal Wave)
16 CAM – Ipso Facto (Abstrakce Records)
17 Zwischenfall – Flucht (Dark Entries)
18 Human Figures – Footsteps (B.F.E Records – BFE64, Frigio Records – FRV036)
19 Kris Baha – Barely Alive (Timothy J Fairplay Remix)(Emotional Especial)
20 The Hacker – La Marine (Stilleben 048)
21 Oppenheimer Analysis – Men In White Coats (Minimal Wave)
22 Sed Blava – Plastic Face (Waste-Editions)
23 Fabrizio Mammarella– Rhythm Machine (Serendeepity)
24 Sed Blava – Teoría del Cielo (Waste-Editions)
25 Velodrome – Capataz (Dark Entries)
26 Lassigue Bendthaus – Matter (Dark Entries)
27 Finitribe – Monster In The House (One Little Indian)
28 Mac Sample – House Inspector (Polydor)
29 Single Gun Theory – Exorcise This Wasteland (Extended Remix)(Nettwerk)
30 Mumm – Faded Pictures (Fundamental Records)
31 Stratis – Mystery Trip (Dark Entries)
32 XVARR – The Crooked Path (Aural Medium)
33 Skuggministeriet – Save Me (Femur)
34 Jennifer Touch – Astra (Eargoggle + Kan3da Rmx)(Lunatic Rec)
35 The Jaffa Kid – Mortis (Deeptrax Records)
36 Alonzo – Mile Marker 84 (Kraftjerkz)
37 Quadratschulz – Telegramm / DFÜ (Pudel Produkte)
38 Evolution – Technology (Dub – Mix)(Dark Entries)
39 Advanced Art – Darkhive (Artoffact Records)
40 Nehuen – Supress (Patricia’s Sad Pop Mix)(M.U.S.A.)
41 Das Ding – Category Collapse (Mechatronica White)
42 Synth Alien– Bailarina Automática (Aspecto Humano)
43 Chino – Carabo Cruise (Uncanny Valley)
44 The Neon Judgement – The Fashion Party (Scarface)
45 SA 42 – Pleasure And Crime (Remix ’88)(LD Records)
46 Xymox – Blind Hearts (Club Mix)(Wing Records)
47 Covenant – Replicant (

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