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Dirk Da Davo – Retrospective 1987-2023

by François Zappa

We have good news for the fans of Belgian electronic pioneer Dirk Da Davo: on the one hand, the label Je M’en Fish has released a compilation, which we told you about in the interview we published a month and a half ago, featuring a good selection of his tracks. On the other hand, as part of the 40th anniversary of PIAS, they are going to release a vinyl with five classic tracks by The Neon Judgement, among them “TV Treated”, “Chinese Black” and “Tomorrow in the Papers”.

Retrospective 1987 -2023 includes, as main appeal, a new track: “Strive”, a great composition that follows the electronic tex-mex vibe that Davo likes so much nowadays. We also have the opportunity to listen on vinyl to some of his tracks that have only been released on digital, such as “King of Fools” and “The Unreal”. The compilation also looks to the more distant past with “Sexhead” and “Where Even Angels Fall”, two of the tracks from their 1987 EP, and “Meat Cathedral” from the If It Moves project. We also have representation from Dirk Da Davo‘s other band, Neon Electronics and also of his project with Jean-Marie Aerts, DDDJMX. His new duo, DD Sanchez, is represented by “Cities in Dust” from the album HappyGrey, released at the end of last year. And finally, thanks to this compilation, we have discovered that he released an EP as D.D.D. Program in 1991 from which he includes a track here.

In Retrospective 1987 -2023 you find one more side to listen to at home and one with more danceable tracks. As a whole, it is the perfect gateway to the musical universe of one of the great creators of our scene.

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