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Dead Violets Night presents: Getting High on Saturdays – Part II (Vinyl set)

by François Zappa

Our resident DJ and founder of El Garaje de Frank found the inspiration in a tune of Turkish post-punk project Rain to Rust for her artistic name. From now on, Dead Violets Night will regularly make us dance with her vinyl-only powerful sessions. The second part of Getting High on Saturdays includes classics like The Neon Judgement and Nitzer Ebb, but also some references of some of our favorite national labels (Barro and Soil), as well as references of our most-played label (Pinkman and aufnahme + wiedergabe), without forgetting artists like  Phase Fatale, Identified Patient or Leroy Se Meurt. Perfect to start off the weekend on the right foot.


1. Arabian Panther – Erased Childhood (Soil Records)
2. Identified Patient – Geen Syndroom (Pinkman)
3. Credit 00 – Extasy Overdose (Pinkman)
4. Sansibar – Wallah (Sans DJ mix) (Natural Sciences)
5. Gamma Intel – Nonchalance (Pinkman)
6. Unhuman – Faces of Death (Gooiland Elektro, Enfant Terrible)
7. Kris Baha – Isolation (Power Station)
8. La Mverte – Succubus Whisperer (Logical Records)
9. Leroy se Meurt – Lagim (Gooiland Elektro, Enfant Terrible)
10. Poperttelli – Merditocraty (brokntoys)
11. Chloe Lula – Phenobarbital (aufnahme + wiedergabe)
12. Gamma Intel – Angstig En Onzeker (Pinkman)
13. Lokier – Blackout (Pinkman)
14. Identified Patient – Vermoedens Van Achterdocht (Pinkman)
15. Arabian Panther – Women’s Answer to Men’s Failure (Blue Night Jungle)
16. VTSS feat. Jasmine Azarian – To Whom All Lovers (Veyl)
17. Mike Sacchetti, Ivan de la Rouch – Vultures in the Backyard (Logical Records)
18. TV. Out – Lord (Dark Entries)
19. Fragedis – Intersection 5 (Modal Analysis)
20. The X Initiative – Ice Cold Nights (Fleisch)
21. Phase Fatale – Velvet Imprints (Ostgut Ton)
22. Chino – Carabo Cruise (Uncanny Valley)
23. Im Kellar – Esclavo Castigado (Moustache Records)
24. Persona Non Grata – Göm Dig (Barro)
25. Arnaud Rebotini – Last Train to Krasnodar (Mannequin)
26. Nitzer Ebb – Joint in the Chant (Burn!) (Mute)
27. Orlok 101 – Indie Live Forever (Barro)
28. Arnaud Rebotini – What You Want Me to Do (Mannequin)
29. Neon Judgement – The Fashion Party (LD Records)

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