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RECORD – Dässwat

by Violeta

Dässwat is a music collective headed by Danny Brebels, who began his music career during the Belgian hardcore/punk period in the 80s with Dawn Of Liberty. After several years of experimentation, Brebels changes orientation and creates Dässwat, an electro-industrial and experimental project. He played in several art exhibitions before thinking of giving concerts.

During several months, the artist prepared Trilogie, a masterpiece composed of 24 songs recorded on 3 CDs. Eight other artists participated in the project : Mark Poukens (De Brassers), Stefan Joosteen (Dawn Of Liberty) and Guido Vanbussel (Joy de Vivre, Suspects), for the voices. Stefan Custers, Thomas Kenis (Speedqueen), Gert Hermans (Smäris) Peter Severens and Alain Thys (TAR MAK), also participated.

Dässwat payed particular attention to the way Trilogie was published: it was issued in a Metal Box, which is a unique creation. Brebels created only 100 of them, they’re like a true collection item with a booklet in three parts. Each of the CDs, Ein Mensch, Ein Experiment, Jass In Confusion and Toxic Walk has its own identity.

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