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Dark Vektor – Siega Las Cadenas

by Violeta

A few weeks ago, I decided, for a change, to do an electro session, because little by little, I became addicted to this music. In the selection, I included a piece by Dark Vektor, from his 12″ Back. Now, one of our favorite Spanish labels, Industrias Mekanikas, is about to release the artist’s new EP, Siega las Cadenas, on September 2. The sixth reference of the label will be available in digital format as well as in a beautiful red vinyl edition, limited to 100 copies (actually, 99, because I already reserved my copy).

Dark Vektor is a well-known artist to electro fans: he released his first works in 2003 and has since collaborated with many labels. His new EP, remastered by Ruben Montesco, the owner of Industrias Mekanikas himself, offers us three original tracks as well as three remixes by Assembler Code, Cestrian and Cosmic Force. The result is a combative electro album, with an impressive sound and a neat production.

“Siega las Cadenas” and its powerful electro lines introduces the EP. In this tune, Dark Vektor urges us to fight against the system. Impossible not to obey when you listen to the song, it gives you such a rush of energy that you could lift mountains. In addition, a haunting synthesizer sound reinforces its sense of urgency. This is probably my favorite.

Assembler Code’s remix of “Siega las Cadenas” hardens the sound and makes it less bright by hiding the main synth line, while Cestrian’s remix adds another synth, which enhances the sense of menace and fear. The voice, even more modified and terrifying, seems to be that of a demon.

On the B-side, “Lo Tengo Todo Calculado” rises the BPM and carries us away with its synth lines that remind me of the Exaltics or even Assembler Code. It’s a more party track, and it’s clear that when you listen to it, you’ll have a great time. In “Música Robótica,” we find a more classic electro sound, with robotic voices (of course) that could serve as a guide if you ever wonder how to compose a great electro track. Cosmic Force remixes “Música Robótica,” increasing the BPM and adding more synths. By the way, I love the result he gets with the intro. With these voices singing in English, I would say that the remix reminds me of Egyptian Lover.

So ends this wonderful EP, another impeccable and highly recommended reference from the label Industrias Mekanikas, and another great electro work from Dark Vektor. I can’t wait to have it in order to include it in my next mix.

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