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Dark Minimal Project – Ghost of Modern Times

by François Zappa

Although it is a project that is just over a year old, the French duo Dark Minimal Project have just released their second album, entitled Ghost of Modern Times. They make synth pop with catchy and classy compositions. Our collaborator Remi already reviewed their first album, Cold Black Room, last year with praising words. Ghost of Modern Times can be listened to and downloaded from the duo’s bandcamp and purchased in a limited CD edition of fifty copies.

Ghost of Modern Times starts with “Dawn of My Past” as intro but soon we have the catchy “Black Light” with a good chorus and a Depeche Mode vibe. “Boy Girl” is a more classic and emotional synth pop track while “Someone New” reminds me of the strength of Ultra Sunn‘s compositions and will also stick in your brain for the rest of the day. “Strangers” is a slower track with female backing vocals that can remind us of the delicacy of old Wolfsheim‘s material. “Ordinary Man” is another up-tempo track, also very catchy that makes me think a bit of Japan. “Falling Apart” sounds very eighties with a lot of feeling in the vocals. “Perversion”, of course, is a more sensual track. “No More” is one of the most danceable tracks with, even, some “ju, ja” included while “Dancing Souls” is again a delicate synthpop track. The albums comes to an end with two tracks sung by Ange Vesper, the other half of the duo: “Infected by love”, in which she sings the verse in French, while Guillaume takes care of the chorus, and the great finale “Catharsis” with a nice contrast between the sad melody of the synthesizers and the danceable rhythm. The track changes quite a lot in the second part where the rhythm and the synthesizers push you to the dance floor.

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