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COMPILATION – Generation Blitz

by François Zappa

After spending the weekend at the Belgian 80s festival W-Fest, and seeing some artists that defending their music with difficulty, I asked myself: is it better to see the concert of some one-hit wonders from this period or is it better to listen to new bands that manage to capture the feeling of the decade? The answer has arrived in the form of this 34-track compilation inspired by the music of the Blitz Club, a place where in the 80s, all our favorite music was played. If you want to have an idea of how 80s-influenced music sounds nowadays, have a look at this compilation that can be purchased in cassette, CD and digital formats. The first 150 copies include a magazine with info about the bands. 

Among the bands that we can find in the compilation, we must point out Scenius, the duo that last year released one of our favorite albums and that manages to marvel us again with their new track “Escalation.” Also we can find Nature of Wires who has remixed for the occasion his collaboration with Stephen Newton, “The Masquerade.” WARTERAUM who featured in one of the last Vexillary’s single, is also in the compilation, singing in a track by Chain Complex. BlackLight’s synthpop is also quite remarkable. We are going to finish here, but we invite you to listen to the full album and discover the rest of artists. And to prove that the reference to W-Fest was right, Tiny Machine Pets, who played in the 2019 edition also appear here together with Parralox doing a cover of “Fade to Grey” (we had Visage this year). 

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