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COMPILATION – AutopsiA: Weltuntergang

by François Zappa

Other Voices Records is going to release a cassette and vinyl edition of the former CD-only compilation Weltuntergang of the dark ambient/industrial/experimental band AutopsiA. For people interested in industrial and experimental music, this is a great chance of getting a general idea of the production of the band with these nine tracks recorded between 1982 and 1995. AutopsiA, as they define themselves, is a depersonalized art project dealing with music and visual production, gathering different artists depending on the work. The career of such a unique project started in the seventies in London, continued in the former Yugoslavia and since the nineties has acted from Prague. 

The band released their first self-titled album in 1985, publishing material in a sporadic until now, being 2020 a very prolific year thanks to the Innenräume LP and the five Reconstructed EPs.

Weltuntergang, focussed on AutopsiA’s early productions, is a great introduction to the band. The tracks range from the dark “Lebensherrgabe”, where we got the impression of being attending a kind of arcane ritual inside a submarine, to the constant feeling of danger of the magnificent “Kristal”, the fantastic “Desires and Powers” or the mysterious “Archipelag”.

The compilation, already on pre-order, although it won’t be shipped until the end of February, will be released in three different editions: 200 black vinyls, 50 black and red splatter vinyls and 50 cassettes.

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