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CD – Parade Ground: The 15th Floor

by François Zappa

This year is the 40th anniversary of the classic EBM/coldwave duo Parade Ground and to celebrate it, among other things, a CD edition of their The 15th Floor album is going to be released. As they told us in an interview some years ago, they could not release the album back in the day (it was recorded in 1989) because they were having some legal issues with their label. It wasn’t until 2012 that the album was finally released in an only-vinyl edition. Now, finally VUZ Records, the label that released their last live album, Life and some older material, is going to publish this album on CD.

The CD version of what should have been Parade Ground’s second album comes with two tracks that did not appear in the 2012 version, a new remix of “A Day At The Park” and a new track order. We, at the Garaje, hope that the situation with Covid gets better so we can celebrate their anniversary properly.

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