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CauseNation – Divided We Fall

by François Zappa

Belgian EBM trio CauseNation have just released a new digital EP entitled Divided We Fall. We already told you about them when they released their first full-length, Promises of Hope and Fear, a couple of years ago, but we remind you that the band includes Vain Sacrosanct, Dries De Vreeze and Jonas Herrnia. CauseNation was born in 2015 and debuted a few years later with the single The Things You Promise, which was mixed and mastered by none other than Claus Larssen. Since then, they have been periodically releasing EPs and singles as well as participating in festivals like Bimfest and playing with bands like The Juggernauts, WÜLF7 or the great Enzo Kreft.

For the new EP they have used old analogue synthesizers to give it a more classic EBM sound, but without forgetting the modern touch. “The Time Has Come” has a powerful, classic EBM sound with the singer giving an intense and powerful performance. “In the End” features vocals that are a little warmer than typical of the style but reaches just the right amount of harshness during the chorus. Guy Tallo’s remix emphasises the emotion while maintaining the harshness of the vocal parts. “End of Time” has a sound at the start that reminds me of the tune from Knight Rider, although the rest of the track has the expected aggressive sound. Finally, “Divided We Fall” is a track with an emotive beginning and a rather futurepop sound. First Aid 4 Souls delivers a more naked and emotional remix.


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