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Bizarro Showcase: Lamari

by Violeta

Fernando Nieva is Lamari, an emerging Dj and producer from Madrid. His musical style includes mainly techno, electro, EBM and post-punk. He has collaborated with Specka in Madrid and London’s FUSE CLUB.


We Are Not Brothers – La conocí en un concierto de Esplendor Geométrico
Palmariello – Instrumentos de dominio publico
TFhats – iConnect
Le Chocolat Noir – Nsa
Axiome – The Promise
Ana Gartner – To the bottom
Neugrau – Beneath the skin
Downwell – Body Stretching
Art Kinder Industrie – Are you ready to die?
Teatre – Itampa
Boy Harsher – Come closer
Sarin – Everything moves
IV Horsemen – Cor contritum
Ruben Montesco – Electronic killing
Crystal Geometry – No respect for officials
We Are Not Brother ft. Ana Curra – Europe is dead
Parallx – Ehre
Mova- Yoo bitch
Codex Empire (remix) – Feral me
Schwefelgelb – Reflex
Nitzer Ebb – Violent Playground
Neugrau – Get down & howl
Blind Delon – Crève
Supernova 1006 – Dope

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