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Avale – s/t

by Rémi

Post-punk is now in the spotlight with Avale, a duo of French musicians who offer a raw sound. s/t, their 4th release, is available since April 1st 2022 in digital and cassette format on Neutral Records label.

One thing is certain, the sound of this duo is really atypical and can be summed up as follows: a purified drum kit with no kick drum, a thick and grainy bass and two voices. A sound reduced to the bare minimum, but which makes the charm of Avale and their musical identity with its rhythms, its incisive riffs, and its raw lyrics.

If the formula may seem redundant at first, the song format of the tracks, which lasts no more than 3 minutes 34, makes the musical recipe of Avale quite appropriate. The 6 tracks of the EP are a real condensation of raw energy designed to make the speakers suffer during concerts. On this side, the duo seems to be rather active since they have totalled 9 performances in April 2022.

Avale is a good discovery that will add a little spice to your day. Don’t hesitate to follow their news on their Facebook page: a concert might be happening near you!

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