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aux animaux – Hauntology

by François Zappa

Turkish but Sweden-based artist aux animaux is back with a new EP entitled Hauntology, released after the more experimental and cinematic The Hydesville Episode, also from 2022. The EP continues the dark and terrifying vibe of the previous work, but returning to a song format. In Hauntology we find four original tracks and four remixes, one of them by the legendary Tobias Bernstrup, another by Priest (with ex-members of Ghost), another by Majestoluxe and the last one by aux animaux herself. You can listen to it on her own Bandcamp, along with the other three EPs she has made to date.

The first track, “Devil Inside” was already known to us as it was not long ago released as a single. It’s a great start to the EP, with Ghostly singing better than ever and with the classic sound of her theremin. Next, “Possession” is the catchiest track with some powerful synths. “Mara” seems to continue where this track ends and is a haunting composition, one of the best of the lot, only bettered by the closing “Haunted” where Ghostly shines with both synths and theremin in a truly captivating composition.

As far as remixes are concerned, Tobias Bernstrup makes “Devil Inside” more danceable, but keeping the essence of the track. Priest also brings their track closer to the dancefloor, but with a more nineties than eighties sound. Majestoluxe focus on the rhythmic part with another interesting piece, but without a doubt we are left with the remix that Ghostly herself does of her other track, an even more terrifying “Haunted”.

To finish, let’s say that this EP is for aux animaux a kind of closure to the songs that were composed during the pandemic. She is now working on new material that will be released in 2023, with a new sound but keeping her style.

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