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Asymetric80 – Dance Machines

by François Zappa

Barcelona-based producer Asymetric80 is back with his danceable mix of EBM and New Beat. After releasing on three of the most interesting labels of the moment (Aspecto Humano, HC Records and Oráculo) and surprising us with a powerful live set at Ombra Festival, he now self-releases this EP containing an original track entitled “Dance Machines” and four abrasive and varied remixes. Dance Machines will be available from 21th April, and you can download it for free from the artist’s Bandcamp.

After some works with deeper concepts, (the freedom of expression in Hidden Visions or the state of the world after the pandemic in Chaos Theory) Asymetric80 presents a lighter work, finding inspiration in the people who support the artists in the easiest and at the same time most authentic way: dancing to their music every night, dancing like machines. “Dance Machines” is both a celebration of that support and a reason to let loose on the dance floor. Asymetric80 follows the path of his previous EP Blood Lies by presenting a darker track with a sound less indebted to the past. Those dreamy New Beat melodies are still there, but this time they are less obvious. As the backbone of the track, an insistent synthesizer line gets into your brain and works as the perfect engine of our greased bodies.

On the remixes we have four names that guarantee quality and diversity: Nightcrawler gives the track a disturbing touch. You leave the club after dancing like a madman and suddenly you hear some footsteps… Unconscious presents a dark, hard and danceable remix. If you’ve have enjoyed his releases for Detriti, be sure to listen to his remix of “Dance Machines”. Alen Skanner takes the composition to his territory. He stays true to his line of trance-tinged EBM that suits the track very well, with some punchier beats, but keeping that slightly upbeat vibe of the original. Greece’s Fragedis, well-known for his tracks for Pi Electronics and Soil, presents a more techno remix, with a fast-paced beat and more experimental touches.

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