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ALBUM – Mark E Moon: Old Blood

by François Zappa

The new album from the band located in the Isle of Man, Mark E Moon, has been released in April. Old Blood is their second album after Refer from 2019 and a remix album that followed. Formerly a duo of Mark Sayle and Phil Reynolds, they have been joined by Kieran Ball and Steve Loach for the recording of this album. We would like to remind you that if you want to know more about Mark E Moon, you can read our interview with the band from last year. 

In Old Blood we can find ten tracks (and a bonus one in the CD edition) that will please fans of darkwave, post-punk or Goth rock. The starter “The Eye (The Picture Fades)” is just a great way of commencing an album: it’s a powerful track with some electronic arrangements. The second track, “Animals” was released as a single and shares the same energy as the first track. “I, Robot,” has a beginning that reminds me of The Cure and is one of the catchiest tracks of the album. And also, one of the best. “Salvation” and “The Failing” are two very intense songs that complete an almost-perfect A-side. “Old Blood” talks about fascism, a problem that, sadly, is quite present in Madrid these days. It’s not a song as immediate as the previous ones, but it grows with time. Instead, “Human” is a more synth-pop and danceable duet with a great chorus. In “Event Horizon” and “Goodbye,” we have again two songs of great intensity while “Obliviana” stands out thanks to its dark atmosphere. Overall, it’s a great and varied album, full of very good songs that should be considered one of the most important Goth releases of this year. Ah!, and as a bonus track, we have a different take of “Animals.”

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Phil Reynolds 5 May 2021 - 22 h 23 min

Thank you for the lovely review! We love El Garaje!!


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