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A-X-Amun – Origin

by Rémi

Would you like to discover industrial music with a little change? With A-X-Amun, a universe full of oriental sound colours, industrial music, electronic music, metal and saturated vocals awaits you. Founded in 2016 by Khalid, a talented artist, A-X-Amun offers us Origin, his first album under the aegis of Danse Macabre Records. It is available since March 2021 in digital format.

One thing is certain, fans of Hocico, Rob Zombie, Static-X and many other bands will find in A-X-Amun a project that has wonderfully mixed the aesthetics of these artists while creating an original universe. From the first notes, the listener is drawn into the depths of a dark world. The rhythms are heavy, the synthesizers grainy and deliciously abrasive. The oriental side is expressed through chord progressions, melodies with tight intervals and sounds reminiscent of traditional instruments. A clever amalgam of clear and saturated voices adds a touch of insanity to the whole.

It’s hard to choose a favourite track among the twelve that make up the album as they are all so captivating. However, we could mention “Paranoid” with its German lyrics, “Bothered” or “Detonate” which tips the balance towards metal music. With Origin, A-X-Amun demonstrates his ability to musically handle the darkness of the human soul through subjects that can sometimes be difficult to address such as suicide or post-traumatic stress disorder. The album is also marked by the experiences of its creator, torn by his origins that link him to Egypt, America and Germany.

Whether you’re a music lover, a fan of the genre, or just curious to discover original aesthetics, we strongly recommend that you turn on your speakers and listen to Origin.

Translation: Joanne Gagnon

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