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Vlimmer – Stirnseite

by François Zappa

It seems that the only way for us at The Garage not to publish one of our reviews a month after the release, is to do a premiere. And nothing makes us happier than doing one for one of our favorite artists, Leonard Alexander Donat, aka Vlimmer. “Stirnseite” is the first preview of his new EP, entitled Mehrschöpfung which will be released on December, 1st on digital and cassette.

“Stirnseite” is one of Vlimmer‘s most beautiful compositions, delicate and ethereal, a track that invites you to dream but at the same time puts your feet back on the ground. In Alexander Donat’s own words: “For me, all tracks on the “Mehrschöpfung EP” are full-fledged Vlimmer songs, with “Stirnseite” being my favorite of the six songs. It was one of the first to be created in the “Zerschöpfung” album sessions and might give you an indication of the sound I originally had in mind. It planned to go more in the direction of classic Vlimmer: atmospheric, ethereal, with a zither and floating vocals. Since the basic character of the album changed over the course of the 17 or 18 songs recorded, “Stirnseite” ultimately no longer fit the concept and didn’t make the final cut. I’m all the more pleased to now be sharing the collected tracks on the “Mehrschöpfung EP”. Lyrically, “Stirnseite” is about constantly landing on the ground. No matter how high we climb, how certain we can be of something, gravity wins in the end.”

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