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Vlimmer – Fatalideal b​/​w Race For The Prize

by François Zappa

Although we have yet to write our review of Assassun‘s Chronic Quicksand Depression Morning (another of the projects of the always prolific German musician Alexander Leonard Donat) we can’t resist publishing a review “in time” and seeing that the new single only has two tracks, we are ready to review it. Although we’re not presenting you with a scoop either as the CDr version of the single is already sold out. But you can still buy the digital version.

This is Vlimmer‘s second single after his sophomore album, Menschenleere released at the end of last year. In January, we could listen to Platzwort, a single with a similar structure to the one we are dealing with today, consisting in an original track and a cover. In that case, it was Spiritualized‘s “Out of Sight” the song selected and now we have Flaming Lips with one of their most famous tracks.

What can we expect from Vlimmer‘s new composition? Well, a sound less crude that can remind us of the more luminous The Cure, with acoustic guitar included. It’s a catchier track than anything Alexander Leonard has done before with this project, although, of course, there are some dark moments, like that bridge full of mystery.

“Race for the price” is the track that helped the Flaming Lips move from being punk rockers on acid to become a successful alternative rock band. It was the opening track to their hit album The Soft Bulletin that had that kind of massive sound thanks to Dave Fridmann’s production that I guess Leonard must have enjoyed at the time. Here he presents us with a narcotic, ghostly version of the track, which sounds like the Flaming at lower rpms. This “Race for the price” is a sufficiently original and different reading to win our approval.

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