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VIDEO – Handsome Abominations: Slave

by François Zappa

Handsome Abominations is a new band formed by Ian and VonSchnell from Chmcl Str8jckt together with Biohacker, Mistress Misha and synth master Træce and they are going to release their first album, titled Embrace The Condemnation very soon. We have already listened to the album, and although we don’t want to spoil it, we can tell you that the cover they have done of one very famous 80s act is something that most of you are going to enjoy very, very much. It’s not so common to find such a sensual and wild approach to industrial music. We will review the album as soon as it’s published.

Today, as a starter and meanwhile we wait for the first delicious dish, we bring you their first video: “Slave” is a perfect sample of what we can find in Embrace The Condemnation. Just imagine what can happen in a club while the DJ plays this song: the result will be, definitely, a success in Pornhub.

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