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Verneblung – Ready to Drown

by Rémi

Verneblung, a duo from the Cologne area, has released a new album. With Ready to Drown, they offer a rich universe between pop and industrial music. Released on June 25, 2021, the album is available in digital, compact disc and cassette formats (limited edition only).

Ready to Drown is very sensual. One of the main reasons of this sensuality comes from the hypnotic voice of Nadin Klein. Delicate, it floats, like an ethereal veil. Sometimes alone or accompanied by powerful choirs, she sublimates vocal parts sung in German and English in a resolutely pop spirit. Everything fits. Everything is perfectly measured and sober. This sobriety seems to define the subtle poetry of the duo’s musical universe.

Adnan Abbas’ synthesizers weave the fabric of a sound world reminiscent of industrial music. These layers made of cold and moving textures temporize the sensuality of the voice. With equally stripped down, but terribly effective rhythms, Verneblung’s aesthetic hypnotizes with its slow, bass-heavy rhythms. The mixture of all these elements creates a rather surprising aesthetic.

Ready to Down is a real musical gem born from the fusion of industrial sounds, downtempo rhythm and Verneblung’s passion for singers such as Jim Morrison or Janis Joplin. The listener is carried away from the first seconds of “Ich sehe nichts” to the last resonance of “Free me” through a very sensitive soundscape.

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