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Super Dragon Punch!! – Split

by François Zappa

Jérémie Venganza’s project Super Dragon Punch!! has just released a new EP, titled Split, which contains one original track and four remixes. The band released their first album in 2021, titled Feral, and this is the first preview of the second one that will appear this year. You can listen and download it on their Bandcamp.

Last year we met Jérémie at a Zwaremachine gig in Belgium. We had seen him perform in the past, playing keyboards for Pro-Patria and State of the Union, and we took the opportunity to talk to him for a while. He told us something quite pertinent for the review of this album, in which he wanted to give more prominence to the voice, which in the first album was a bit hidden in the mix. And that is evident in this first preview, where his voice has the deserved prominence, completely changing the result. Although if you want to know how the track sounds like without the vocals, there is also an instrumental version at the end of the EP. The track starts with some video game sounds that are repeated throughout “Split”, giving it a very original 8-bit vibe. The rest of the track is an aggressive and powerful synth punk/futurepop track with a great chorus that you won’t get out of your head for a while. Without a doubt, “Split” is a great composion and a big step forward in the evolution of Super Dragon Punch!! Remixing the track we have big names from the scene. On one hand, Mexico’s Toxxic Project gives the song a synthwave feel. Germany’s SITD give it a 90s techno touch, perfect for the dancefloors. England’s ESA delivers a completely different track: he removes the chiptune touch during the first half, as well as hardening and darkening the whole thing. A very good remix. The fourth remixer is Dulce Líquido, also known as Racso Agroyam from Hocico who brings a hard and powerful remix quite in his vibe. An EP for all tastes.

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