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Spiryt – Darklights

by François Zappa

How time flies! It seems like only yesterday when we were talking about Spiryt‘s last album in which he collaborated with Kimberly Kornmeier and it’s been over a year. I guess that they were so pleased with the collaboration that they are back together for this Darklights that continues what they started with Blood Twins. Of Spiryt we have written repeatedly here and of Kimberly we already said that she is the singer of Bow Ever Down and that recently she collaborated in a song of The Bleack Assembly. On Darklights, which you can listen to on bandcamp and in a limited cd edition, you will find eleven new tracks of a quite cinematic and emotional darkwave. If you want to get a copy on cd, write to Spiryt‘s Facebook page.

French producer Spiryt has composed the music as if he were making an instrumental album, making a very elaborate electronic part that would work even without Kimberly’s great voice. She, instead, is fantastic, giving a special and unique touch to each track.

The album starts with the intense “Ames Electriques”, with a mysterious vibe and Kimberly‘s heartbreaking singing. The following track, “Darklights” was released as a single and we think it is a very good sample of Spiryt‘s sound.”Lonely Pleasures” is a powerful and mysterious composicion with a sensual beginning. One of our favorite songs on the album is “L’Aridite du Reve”, very catchy and danceable. In “I’m a Galaxy” Kimberly shows how well she can sing and how much passion she is able to put in her interpretation. Darklights continues with the dramatic “Drowning In Shame”, another of the highlights of the album. “You’re So Worthless” is a powerful track with a great production. “Maybe it’s time” with its harp-like arrangements sounds quite original. We get more drama in “Tears of Stone”, both in the music and the vocals. We approach the end with two nice tracks, “Glue in Amber” and “In a State of Rapture”, the latter sung again with passion and full of nice arrangements.

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